World Regions

Measuring the philanthropic environment

Comparative data for the 14 regions studied in the 2022 GPEI are based on six factors measuring the enabling conditions of a region’s philanthropic environment.

  1. Ease of operating a philanthropic organization focuses on the laws and regulations for the formation, operation, and dissolution of philanthropic organizations.
  2. Tax incentives examines the laws and regulations governing taxes related to making and receiving donations.
  3. Cross-border philanthropic flows evaluates the laws and regulations governing the incentives and constraints of making and receiving cross-border donations.
  4. Political environment measures the relationships between the government and philanthropic organizations, as well as public policies and practices regarding philanthropy.
  5. Economic environment reviews the economic conditions that nurture or hinder individual and institutional philanthropy.
  6. Socio-cultural environment captures core societal values that provide enabling or disabling philanthropic conditions, such as cultural philanthropic traditions, public trust, awareness of philanthropy, and perception of philanthropic organizations.