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2023 Global Philanthropy Tracker finds $70 billion in cross-border philanthropic giving at the height of COVID-19 global health crisis

Representing data from 47 countries at all stages of economic development, the GPT measures cross-border charitable giving and examines how philanthropy enables and enhances efforts to address complex challenges – from poverty, food insecurity, health, climate change to racial injustice to inequality facing women and girls. The GPT is a critical tool that bridges the gap between the increasing need for philanthropy and the lack of available data insights about the scope of cross-border giving.

The 47 countries included in the latest GPT contributed USD 70 billion (USD) in philanthropic giving in 2020 (the latest year for which data is available for most of the countries) which is roughly equivalent to the 73rd largest economy in the world, by 2020 GDP. 

The report also compares cross-border philanthropy to three other cross-border financial resource flows, including official development assistance (ODA), private capital investment, and remittances. The USD 70 billion in philanthropy represents 8 percent of total cross-border financial resource flows, which include all four cross-border resource flows

The GPT demonstrates how civil society, government, business, and individuals collaborate to find sustainable solutions for societal issues around the globe.

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Release of the “Digital for Good: A Global Study on Emerging Ways of Giving” China, India, and Global Perspectives Reports

Digital for Good: A Global Study on Emerging Ways of Giving explores emerging vehicles of philanthropy in eight different countries – from crowdfunding to mobile giving, online volunteering and social impact initiatives, among others. In February 2023, the school released reports on China, India, as well as a global report, which join the existing six country-level studies focused on Brazil, Kenya, Singapore, South Africa, South Korea and the United Kingdom. The Global Perspectives report shares multiple key insights from the eight countries included in the study and spotlights five giving vehicles that have the potential to help shape the future of philanthropy globally.

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