Digital for Good

Digital for Good: A Global Study on Emerging Ways of Giving

The Indiana University Lilly Family School of Philanthropy conducted the Digital for Good: A Global Study on Emerging Ways of Giving to explore the emerging vehicles of philanthropy, such as crowdfunding, online giving, mobile giving, workplace giving, donor-advised funds, and social impact initiatives.

Eight countries with significantly diverse cultures participated in this global study: Brazil, China, India, Kenya Singapore, South Africa, South Korea, and the United Kingdom. In the study, the school worked closely with partner organizations and experts in these countries, from identifying relevant ways of giving and determining approaches of data collection to co-developing the tools for data collection and finalizing country reports to disseminating research findings locally as well as globally.

Findings from this global research project are shared in a series of reports, including eight country reports and one global report. The reports on the emerging ways of giving in Brazil and United Kingdom are the first two reports that are published in the series.

The Digital for Good: A Global Study on Emerging Ways of Giving, the school aims to promote the practice of philanthropy globally by enhancing the accessible information and public knowledge on the emerging forms of giving across the globe. These reports provide a deeper understanding of the concept and practice of new ways of philanthropic engagement in the eight participating countries. This first-of-its kind report offers new insights and tools for civil society leaders, philanthropists, industry regultors, scholars, and the public to understand and shape the development of philanthropy in the years to come.

Global philanthropic organizations’ adaptability was tested by the COVID-19 pandemic, leading organizations to create innovative ways of giving to support their nation’s most pressing causes and challenges. Learn more about the adaptability of these organizations in our Digital for Good Blog.